Passive Income Strategy for Crypto Authors

To build a passive income strategy for crypto in the digital currency space, it's crucial to create several revenue streams.

Creating Revenue Streams with Partner Promotions

To build a passive income strategy for crypto in the digital currency space, it’s crucial to create several revenue streams.

 Crypto Authors – there’s money to be made.

Finding Partners To Promote

Look for cryptocurrency related services that also have an affiliate program that will pay you monthly for as long as your referral remains their customer.

➜ Seek out marketplaces like where you can build earnings from many different partners.

Finding partners you wish to promote is an ongoing process. Remain open to finding and building many new referral program promotions using the step by step strategy below.

Here’s a step-by-step guide to creating effective partner promotions.

Step 1: The Hard Sell Page

➜ Start by crafting a ‘Hard Sell Page’ on your chosen platform, such as a Beehive Newsletter website.

This page should focus solely on promoting your partner product, highlighting the benefits and urging immediate purchase. It should be direct and compelling, driving home the advantages of the product and providing a clear call to action.

Step 2: SEO Support Articles Develop SEO-tuned support articles that subtly cross-promote and link back to your Hard Sell Page. These articles should provide value and be informative, focusing on related topics without overt selling. They should include minimal but focused links back to the Hard Sell Page, ensuring that readers who are interested can easily find more information about the product.

Step 3: How-to Posts and Case Studies The third step involves creating ‘How-to’ posts that provide a detailed, step-by-step breakdown of using the partner product or system. Submit these posts to, ensuring they fit the specific article criteria that DCT publishes. These should be how-to guides that not only instruct but also share your personal experiences and insights, adding authenticity to your promotion.

Step 4: Case Study Follow-Up After your initial case study post, you should plan for follow-up posts. These are critical as they showcase the real-world application and benefits of the partner products. By detailing your own earnings or experiences, you provide tangible evidence of the product’s value, which is far more persuasive than mere claims.

Revenue Streams and Publishing

By following these steps, you create four distinct revenue streams, each reinforcing the other:

  1. The Hard Sell Page on your Beehive site captures direct sales.
  2. SEO articles bring organic traffic back to your sell page, supporting long-term visibility.
  3. Detailed how-to posts engage users who are seeking practical guides on product usage.
  4. Follow-up case studies build trust through demonstrated success and user experience.

Note on Publishing:

All posts should first be published on your Beehive site.

This is your main platform for the Hard Sell Page, which anchors your revenue stream. Once established there, you can then publish these articles across the best crypto publications on Medium. This not only increases your visibility but also leverages Medium’s domain authority for better SEO and cross-promotion opportunities.

Closing Thoughts

➜ This content creation plan sets the stage for multiple income streams.

➜ Create valuable content that serves your readers while also promoting your affiliate products.

➜ Monitor your posts’ performance, improve your process based on feedback and results, and continuously refine your approach to maximize your earnings.

Let’s do this together, and remember to trade safe and write hard because there’s money to be made.