Gyris, A Diamond in the Rough Pt 1

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There’s no doubt there are still projects aplenty in the crypto & NFT space, with the promise of digital arts, collector items, usable game content and utilities that will help improve our daily online lives. The possibilities are endless. There’s so much going on in this space that it’s like The Battle of Web3. If you’ve been here long enough you know that a lot of promised ‘blue chip’ projects fail to execute and that it’s increasingly harder to find good projects that will reach the end of their road map, yield profitable results, and keep things up to date and transparent. 

I had just suffered a scam, wallet drain & two rugs at the time I stumbled onto a project that completely renewed my faith in this ecosystem and stole the show for me.

Gyris – A Film & Game Franchise

I was initially drawn into Gyris by the beautiful tribal looking NFT characters and couldn’t resist a further look. After joining the Discord I came in guns blazing taking a deep dive into the world of Gyris. After getting burned I was doing my due diligence and doing some serious DYOR. If there was something amiss, I was going to find it. You know what they say about something seeming too good to be true right? Well, I couldn’t find anything amiss. Everything was transparent and the team responsive. Then I found the lore. Lore so big and deep it needed its own WIKI. That was the nail in the metaphorical digital coffin for me and I just couldn’t wait to get started.

Project Founder & Creator Adam Everill, is a father of two, a social entrepreneur, musician and creative writer with degrees in history, philosophy and international health. He wrote the beginnings of Gyris in Easter 2020. What started as simple bedtime stories for his children later grew into the world of Gyris we’re hearing about today.

At age 15, Adam worked on his first film crew and had dreams of being a writer/director. But as many of us know, life often has twists and turns. Instead, he co founded  Equal Playing Field (EPF) raising over $10 million for the prevention of violence against women and the protection of children in Papua New Guinea and Australia.

Adam found crypto a few years ago and then found NFTs. He was active in creative communities and created the world’s first song NFT voicing a Sewer Rats Social Club trio “The Feastie Boys” in “Praise Cheezus” and later the “Rumble Kong Killers” with “I AM KONG”. Adam’s spent many years in the cryptoverse & even more building BIG things.

The world of Gyris is awe inspiring. The lore is rich, multicultural and reminds me of the multiverses of Star Wars or Marvel with immersive stories such as the world of Harry Potter. It’s massive and strongly influenced by the people and culture of Papua New Guinea, where he worked with co founder Jacqui (who was the inspiration for the Akukani tribe in the story.) on EPF. Below is a tidbit of the storyline which has been fashioned into a feature film script, a pilot television script and now the first Gyris novel.

“Gyris: A Preamblic History (Prologue)

It is said that in the beginning there was but one being. They lived in the  realm above, Mirrhi Anyan. Despite fields a plenty their heart knew only loneliness. They begged their maker for reason, but silence spoke so loud they tore themselves apart. From the larger pieces, the Two Eternals, one male, one female; Rava and Rue. The smaller pieces of flesh and blood created all their world’s creatures from dragging slugs to legged animals that frolicked in grass and hills.

Together they would learn the pleasure of food, and touch. They explored their world above in all its color and wondrous scents. A bounty of beasts and plants abundant in the sky and soil, but soon new life was on its way. With belly growing the two came upon a mountain of green and flowing waterfalls. A flowering mushroom covered the banks of a stream and Rue’s eyes grew wide with desire. Rava stopped Rue, pointing to her belly, indicating that he would try them first. Upon consuming them he spun into fierce hallucinations of warped surroundings. Beneath his feet the earth became translucent as if staring through a glass floor down into a perilous world of fire and brimstone. Rava woke to Rue worrying over him as he scurried backward before eventually calming. He warned Rue off the mushroom that he would name Masa’ala meaning ‘Death Dream’.

But life, beget life, and the blood from the eventual birth seeped through the soil and fell like rain from the skies above that perilous place. As above so below, and from the drops of blood a single cell divided and over time filled the world with plant life. Later the appearance of water and the cooling of the volcanic storms. Next came the creatures first small then large and larger still. Monsters of the land and sea. Lastly came Man, in the very place the first drop fell, the first human species of Gyris.

  • Excerpt from the first novel in the Gyris series; The Sound of Trees Standing

Gyris aspires to be the world’s next great fantasy franchise. It plans to deliver on screen content in parallel with its unique MMORPG experience that utilizes web3 technology to usher in the revolution of digital ownership. The Gyris MMORPG will be like having high definition Farmville, Age of Empires and Mario Party in Middle Earth all while owning your property and your characters. You can read the novels, watch the television series and immerse yourself in the world through the game. Gyis has already put out demos for their environment and a racing mini-game, one of many planned mini-games that will litter the vast open world.

The Gyris community has witnessed the behind the scenes world building with teasers from Adam and script table reads utilizing voice actors to bring the story to life.

In addition to table reads, the team has been hard at work pushing out creative works, sharing updates of their motion capture suits, with pro fighters brought on to wear the suits and animate unique attacks for realistic movements. Demos of the animations are then built on Unreal Engine 5, the very same software that brought us HBO’s “Westworld” and Disney’s “The Mandalorian”

The bear market of 2022 has been rough for many projects trying to survive. With Gyris minting their first genesis The Bura at Solana’s big dip from about $250 to about $80 dollars it was definitely a nervous start, no wonder that so many projects got cold feet and split from the Sol Train all together, moving and migrating onto other platforms. But Gyris stuck it out, their community held strong and continued to collect and show support throughout the bear.

Gyris participated in many venues to show their face, including the Solana Summer Camp Hackathon which had nearly 18,000 teams from around the world compete for prize tracks. Although Gyris didn’t win, they did receive an honorable mention in the game track, ranking among the top 10 games globally. Pretty good results for such a small team. 

Unfortunately, Gyris suffered like many others in the FTX scandal. As if surviving the bear wasn’t enough,  Magic Eden’s terms of service required Gyris to escrow mint funds on FTX during their second genesis mint of The Mara. During that time nearly 81k was stolen, nearly half of the funds generated from that genesis mint, a huge blow. To make things even worse, about 15k of those stolen funds were reserved for Adam’s charity EPF. Most would have given up but Gyris picked themselves back up, brushed off the dirt and kept on building.

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