Gyris, A Diamond in the Rough Pt 2

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Where do most projects go to make some noise? Twitter of course! Though what seems to work for most projects has proven to do little for a film & game project.

Jumping on Twitter Spaces and pulling publicity from other rising projects seemed to bring in a lot of flippers and empty hands, the exact opposite of what an actively building project needs. It didn’t take long to figure out that doing Spaces was not going to get them where they needed to go. Although they would have preferred to raise all the funds on their own they began reaching out to VC’s (Venture Capitalists) to secure funding.

Gyris had said from the beginning that the key to success would be the onboarding of Web 2 gamers with seamless integration for anyone regardless of platform or crypto know-how. Gyris needed to reach out to Web 2 and film supporters in addition to the Web 3 that they had already been pushing, but how? Gyris is still on the hunt for VCs today & hopefully they will get them soon.

Despite the bear, despite the FTX disaster, despite the unfruitful Spaces and despite the lack of VCs, Gyris is still out of debt. That is very uncommon for projects nowadays regardless of all the other obstacles that they’ve faced so far. When I had labeled this The Diamond in the Rough, I meant it. Gyris has managed to stand independently on their own two feet through all of it.

They have had to slow production down a bit and layoff developers down to manage their runway and prevent overspending with all the above mentioned going on. A move that has allowed them to keep building, albeit at a slower pace. But the community still shows unwavering support with a select few stepping up to pitch in where they can.

In all my time in this space, I have never encountered a community as tightly knit as this one. You hear about projects and their great communities all the time, that is true, but this one is different.

The Gyris community is full of diamond hands and unbelievable support. It didn’t take long to see that myself when I  first stumbled upon it. It truly feels like a family and that’s exactly what it’s meant to be.

The in-game world of Gyris is built by the community, they have to work together as you would in a real tribe to survive the harsh environments. They build governments and progress together as a whole as well as individually and really care for one another. It is no wonder that this would reflect so well in the real world community as well. 

What better way to end this article with talk of community and care then to talk about the reason why it had all been started.

As I had mentioned before, this all started as stories told to Adams’ children & then it progressed into something bigger.

Before the project was created, Adam had the EPF (Equal Playing Field) to upkeep. With the pandemic, inflation and other factors in play today it is no doubt hard to keep funds for such a big charity rolling. This is why the EPF gets funding percentage from all of Gyris’ sales. You can learn more about Gyris and EPF here @ &

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