Bitcoin’s Blazin’ Bulls: Can You Handle the Heat? BTC’s Latest Tear Might Just Melt Your Wallet!

By Maugie
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TA Today – Bitcoin

Hey y’all! It’s Maugie here, bringin’ you the latest scoop on BTCUSDT from Binance. If you’re doin’ your due diligence on Bitcoin, you’re in the right spot. Today’s price has us sittin’ pretty at $68,055.98, showin’ a hefty rate of change at 31.97%. That’s some serious movement.

TradingView Rating

We’ve got a green light from TradingView’s summary with a solid BUY rating and the moving averages are shoutin’ STRONG BUY at us. But, love, don’t let that fool ya – the oscillators are playin’ hard to get with a SELL signal.

Support and Resistance

For those of y’all lookin’ for a safety net, the nearest support levels are $65,146.21, $60,623.605, and $58,947.21. But if BTC’s feelin’ as bullish as a rodeo champ, we might test resistance at $68,716.2547, $70,179.2187, and $72,547.2367.

Indicators Values

The VWAP is as bullish as they come, and we’re sittin’ on an average volatility of 3.34%. The RSI is up at 85.3, which is mighty bullish but tread carefully ’cause it’s edgin’ into overbought territory. Same goes for the CCI at 123.33. SMA lines from 10 all the way to 100 are bullish, and the P-SAR and MOM are keepin’ the vibe alive with bullish signs. Now, the BBands are huggin’ the upper band – could be a sign of a cooldown comin’. MACD and STOCH are dancin’ with a bullish crossover, and ADX is tellin’ us we’re in a very strong bullish trend.


In the past 15 minutes, we’ve seen a tiny dip by 0.1433%, and a similar story for the 1-hour change. However, the 1-day change is keepin’ steady, with a weekly change showin’ a gain of 7.8524% and a monthly climb of 11.351%. The 24h trading volume is a staggering 5,319,413,841.26 USDT.

Top Pumping Coins from Binance

Now, if you’re lookin’ for action elsewhere, Binance has got some hot movers:

  • #SHIBUSDT up by 92.058%
  • #XECUSDT with a 74.804% jump
  • #BONKUSDT bouncin’ up by 48.506%

…and the list goes on, with coins like #DOGEUSDT and #1000SATSUSDT seein’ some solid price changes.

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