What Went Wrong with Gummy and Baked: Where Do They Go From Here?

Gummy: A Promising Start and Airdrop Challenges

Imagine this: Ran Neuner, the charismatic host of Crypto Banter, dreams up a fun and cheeky meme coin called Gummy. The community buzzed with excitement, and on day one, Gummy’s price rocketed to around $0.23. It was a sweet debut for this playful token!

But, as with all sweet things, the sugar rush didn’t last. Gummy’s price started a steady decline, leaving many to wonder what went wrong. Let’s dive into the sticky details.

The Airdrop Saga

Crypto Banter had the best intentions, wanting a fair launch through airdrops. Users could earn Gummy tokens by using the Banter Bubbles app, accumulating points for later conversion, among several other methods. The first round was a hit because it coincided with Gummy’s launch, balancing buying and selling pressures. But the sequel? Not so much.

  1. Airdrop Farmers: Instead of buying tokens, folks focused on farming the airdrops. This lack of buying interest, coupled with the anticipation of more tokens flooding the market, kept potential investors at bay.
  2. Investor Hesitancy: Savvy investors saw the airdrop tidal wave coming and decided to sit it out, waiting for calmer seas post-distribution.
  3. Prolonged Airdrop Period: Unlike round one, round two has dragged on for over three months, turning anticipation into frustration. Airdrop participants have grown restless, and the delay has further pushed off serious buyers.

To counter these woes, Ran and the Banter team axed the third round of airdrops and burned those tokens, worth a whopping $11 million. This decisive move aimed to reduce selling pressure and rekindle investor confidence.

Baked: A New Approach and Unexpected Setbacks

Hot on Gummy’s heels came Baked, the second meme coin from Crypto Banter, launched on June 30th. Learning from Gummy’s sticky situation, the Banter team took a new approach. Airdrops were now exclusive to Gummy stakers during a brief window, and tokens could only be claimed post-launch. Smart, right?

Baked debuted on Degen.fun, a platform designed for fair launches. But an anonymous trader used pricey trading software to snipe the token early, selling off for a massive profit and tanking the price. Drama ensued.

Community members, understandably upset, pointed fingers at Ran and the team. However, it was later uncovered that the trader had bragged about his exploit on the software company’s Discord. The company even used the trade as a promo! To clear his name, Ran offered a $1 million reward for proof of his involvement, showing his commitment to transparency.

This rocky start for Baked also sent shockwaves through Gummy, with many holders abandoning ship. The sell-off of recently unstaked tokens only added fuel to the fire.

So, Where Do We Go From Here?

Here’s my take: I believe in betting on winners. Once all the airdrops are done and dusted, the future looks bright—as long as Ran doesn’t throw in the towel. Given how some folks have reacted to his efforts to distribute wealth, I wouldn’t blame him for walking away. But I don’t see him doing that. With his track record of success, I’m confident he’ll persevere.

This looks like a golden buying opportunity. Gummy is available at prices reminiscent of its first trading hour, and Baked is even cheaper than anticipated this early on. For those who trust in the long-term vision and Ran’s leadership, now could be the perfect time to jump in.

In conclusion, while Gummy and Baked have faced their share of hurdles, the lessons learned and the Crypto Banter team’s dedication provide a solid foundation for future growth. Stay patient, stay informed, and these meme coins could turn out to be a rewarding investment.

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