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When you think of NFTs, tattoos may not be the first thing that comes to mind. However, Meta Tattoo Club (MTC) is a unique lifestyle brand that is changing the tattoo industry by combining physical tattoo studios with Web3 applications. This innovative approach has gained tremendous popularity and is transforming the industry in a groundbreaking way.

MTC is set to establish the world’s first-ever tattoo studio in both physical and virtual spaces, creating a social networking hub for tattoo artists worldwide. Additionally, MTC plans to build several new studios in locations such as Bali, LA, and Western Canada, where token holders can take advantage of exclusive benefits and use their $INK tokens.

$INK is the exclusive currency of the Meta Tattoo Club Ecosystem, with a total supply of 44,777,888 tokens. The $INK token serves multiple purposes, including real-world applications, such as purchasing tattoos at one of their physical tattoo shops using accumulated $INK by MTC NFT holders, and virtual uses such as purchasing virtual tattoos for your avatar in The Sandbox.

Moreover, $INK can be used for staking to level up a holder’s God and/or Goddess and increase $INK rewards, “Drink the INK!” The term is used in reference to the MTC lore and refers to the NFT upgrade. It’s worth noting that the $INK token has been highly successful since its launch. As of now, MTC NFTs are at 83% staked and have done a lot in overall trading volume, proving that the Meta Tattoo Club is a thriving ecosystem. By combining physical tattoo studios with Web3 applications, MTC has created a unique and innovative approach that is transforming the tattoo industry. The future looks bright for MTC as they continue to establish themselves as leaders in the NFT space.

As they complete each apprenticeship step during upgrades, their God or Goddess NFT will earn a higher $INK “wage” in the Shop Staking program. I currently have my own Hades “In school” moving from apprentice to certified and found the system setup quite simple and easy to use. 

Holders can also use $INK to buy the trendiest merchandise & apparel in the NFT space from their store, exclusively available to MTC holders. The list of benefits doesn’t end there; They frequently conduct giveaways, raffles, and treasure chests for their community to win free NFTs, trips, flights, blue-chip NFTs, and many other crypto prizes using their $INK tokens.

But why Greek gods, and why are they drinking ink? The answer lies in the personal connection that each of the founders has with the lore and mythology of ancient Greece. The NFT art also contains subtle references to the founders’ personal interests, including Jordan and Colby jerseys, cigar trades, Tupac, gold headdresses, Tyson, and more.

Furthermore, the gods themselves are adorned with tattoos, fitting for the “tattoo gods” they represent. This attention to detail and personalization of the NFT art not only adds a unique touch to the project but also reflects the passion and creativity that MTC embodies.

The story behind the gods of the Meta Tattoo Club is a fascinating tale that sheds light on their origin and motivation. It all began with Medusa, the goddess with snakes for hair, who experienced rejection due to her unique appearance. Despite facing numerous setbacks, Medusa became obsessed with the idea of revolutionizing the tattoo industry and achieving success. At the same time, Zeus and Poseidon, two other gods, had a similar vision of creating the most prestigious tattoo studio in Web3.

Recognizing the potential of joining forces, the three gods united and began gathering other gods to join their mission. It was during this time that Medusa shared a secret about a mysterious ancient Greek temple filled with the finest tattoo and art supplies. The gods named the temple “Meta Tattoo Club” and set their sights on making it the go-to destination for tattoo enthusiasts and artists alike.

However, their brother Hades, who was jealous of Zeus and Poseidon’s success, plotted to kill all the gods, including his brothers. He cast a powerful spell that turned all the gods to stone and stripped them of their creative abilities. It seemed like all hope was lost until Apollo, the god of light and music, arrived. Although he had overslept that morning and missed the attack, he used his godly powers to bless the ink in the shop and gave it to the gods to drink. This act restored their creative abilities and turned them into tattoo gods.

In addition, Apollo also induced guilt and shame in Hades, who realized the error of his ways and desired to be a part of the Meta Tattoo Club. With their renewed powers and Hades’ repentance, the gods continued their mission to expand their IRL tattoo shops globally and become the social networking hub for all tattoo artists and tattoo shops in Web3. The Meta Tattoo Club was poised to revolutionize the tattoo industry and bring it to new heights.

MTC is more than just a group of stone-faced gods; it is a project led by a fully doxxed and diverse team. The team includes Tommy, the founder with a decade of experience running successful businesses such as tattoo shops, real estate/Airbnb, and clothing brands; Garret, the head of the development team with a track record of building successful affiliate marketing businesses and trading forex and crypto; Dre, a renowned tattoo artist with almost two decades of experience in the industry and the owner of Saints Touch, a state-of-the-art tattoo studio in Gothenburg, Sweden; Stefan, the co-founder in charge of overseeing all of the art and creative aspects of the project, including socials and messaging; Danyar, who is passionate about crypto and NFTs and excited to be a part of the project; and Trevor, who dropped out of university after one semester to follow his passion for travel and later found his niche in crypto and NFTs. He’s now an integral part of the MTC team, proving that following your passions can lead to great things.

This team’s collective expertise in business, tattoo artistry, development, and entrepreneurship highlights the project’s commitment to innovation, creativity, and excellence.

Slowly but surely, I was introduced to MTC through two fellow Whales and friends who had invested in it. While I had been following them on Twitter and other platforms, I wasn’t convinced until I, myself being heavily tattooed, realized it was probably time to check them out and possibly write an article. After some initial research and education, I spoke with Chef Wills, who serves as a collaboration manager on the Discord (among other things) about the concept and functionality of MTC.

We covered the aims to enhance the reach and marketing for tattoo establishments by building a comprehensive database of tattoo shops and artist portfolios, much like a phone book in a way, that can be accessed by anyone looking to find an artist. Additionally the range of services and merchandise, including staking for native tokens, token services, and apparel. We also covered the “Round Table Console” DAO, which is fully doxxed, and features a fully functional multi-sig wallet, allowing for transparent investment viewing, Sol in the wallet, and NFTs in wallets for accountability.

Wills talked highly of the MTC founders, who have their own tattoo shops, are also actively involved in interviewing tattoo artists and partnering with them for exposure in the market database, and to ensure quality checks due to branding. One of the most exciting features of MTC is the monthly Trip Winner program, which offers an 8-hour tattoo session worth over $10,000, fully funded by MTC. We will cover more on this topic in a bit but this is when I took the dive.

I spent some time observing the MTC Discord community before actively participating, and it definitely has a “Club” vibe. If you don’t own an MTC NFT, you might find that your interactions are limited. However, while the community is welcoming, I didn’t feel completely included until I became a holder myself. There’s a lot of valuable information to be found though for non holders alike and the team and community will gladly offer help & understanding, but there’s also a sense of camaraderie that comes with being a part of the family, which you can only truly experience once you own an MTC NFT and get that “Inked-Gods” role.

For this article, I had the opportunity to interview two members of the MTC community. The first was Cri$py.S◎L | tD, a Pantheon holder and Titan who has been a tattoo artist for over 11 years. He owns his own tattoo shop called AFTERMATH TATTOO LLC and enjoys collecting original tattoos from different artists. In fact, Crispy had designed one of the MTC 1/1 NFTs in the collection and is likely to be featured as a tattoo artist in the future.

The second person I interviewed was M.J., a relatively new member of the crypto and NFT space who is also a Pantheon holder, Titan, and Whale. M.J. is a fan of arts and tattoos and was immediately drawn to MTC after seeing a tweet about it. He loves the community and frequently participates in MTC Twitter spaces. M.J. even helped me upgrade my MTC NFT by sending me the INK I needed to do so, which was very kind of him.

Both interviewees expressed great enthusiasm for the fact that the MTC team has followed through on everything they said they would do, or were transparent about any delays or issues that arose.

MTC has a tiered role system that includes the Pantheon DAO Member Role, Roundtable Council Member Role, and MTC Titan Role. To become a Pantheon DAO Member, one must hold one of each of the seven gods and one Medusa in the same wallet. The access includes DAO channels, exclusive WL, and exclusive alpha and utilities provided by the MTC Team and DAO Council. Pantheon Holders are required to vote for proposals that are put forth by the Roundtable Council, and a majority of votes will determine if any proposal passes. The Roundtable Council is made up of Pantheon DAO Members that have been elected by the DAO community, two of those members are the two that got me looking at MTC. Their duties include overseeing key positions, managing the DAO’s Discord and socials, managing the DAO’s wallet and revenue streams, and creating and voting on key items to address and benefit the DAO and MTC community. MTC Titans are Pantheon DAO Members who actively contribute to the mission of the DAO and adhere to all the principles set forth. This role is open and optional to any new Pantheon Holder that has had all gods delisted and/or staked for 30 days. MTC Titans are responsible for actively contributing to raids and floor sweeps coordinated to benefit the communities’ floor pricing, voluntarily contributing to other revenue opportunities for the DAO Treasury, having a PFP in the MTC Discord server that is one of their MTC Gods, and setting a positive standard for the MTC Pantheon and entire community. The Roundtable Council verifies and regulates this role to ensure members are fulfilling their commitments.

Monthly Tattoo

Experience the best of the best tattoo art month after month, courtesy of Meta Tattoo Club.

Every month, one lucky member of the community will win a 3-day trip to Sweden to get inked by the renowned tattoo artist Dre.

Here are the details:

Dre has years of experience in tattooing and can make your work stand out from the rest. The winners get a 3-day stay at one of Gothenburg’s hottest hotels, picked up in a hummer limousine, and an eight hour session at Meta Tattoo Club’s expense.

As part of the package, they cover the winners flight and hotel costs, offer $1000 in spending money, and allow them to bring a friend to share the experience with.

Entering is simple:

  1. Own a MTC God or Goddess.
  2. Stake God or Goddess in either upgrading or other similar activity.
  3. Snapshots of stake will be taken.
  4. A random draw will select one lucky winner.

There have been three winners so far, check the MTC Twitter or Discord for updates and lots of pics!

MTC has an exciting announcement for the MCT community members & has given me the exclusive: starting with a goal of this next week, $INK will be accepted at Saint’s Touch Studio in Sweden for tattoo appointments with Dre. As an exclusive benefit for $INK holders, they are also working on building a platform to onboard more talented artists like Dre, who will offer their services at a discounted rate in exchange for $INK. By adding these artists to their database, they aim to create more opportunities for the MTC community members to get inked up while enjoying the benefits of being a part of the thriving Meta Tattoo Club ecosystem!

If you have not checked MTC out yet, give them a go!

The discord link above is available till the 16th of March.
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