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Step-by-Step Breaker Blocks Trading

Tom Crown:

It took me years of trading to identify this profit opportunity.

A breaker block is simply an order block that has failed to hold as a level.

In a downtrend price takes out liquidity at the highs breaking down past the breaker block when it retraces back to it this is where we can open a profitable short position.

In an uptrend we would look for it to take out the lows as liquidity before breaking up past the breaker block and when it retraces to it this can be a profitable long.

For example in a short trade we’ve identified that the overall Market structure is bearish then we wait for equal highs to be created before the highs are taken out watch if there is an order block created then we wait for price to take out the highs and break past the order block with momentum.

This has turned an order block into a breaker block and will look to short the retracement.

What is ICT concept in trading?

ICT is a trading strategy that has gained popularity in recent years. Short for Inner Circle Trader, it is a price action-based methodology that does not rely heavily on trend following or momentum indicators. The Inner Circle Trader methodology has become increasingly popular among traders due to its ability to provide a comprehensive trading plan that is based on solid price action analysis. It is a versatile strategy that can be applied to various markets and timeframes, making it suitable for both beginner and advanced traders.

What’s the difference between an order block and a breaker block?

An order block and a breaker block are both terms used in technical analysis to describe price levels that can have an impact on future price movements.

An order block is a price level where a significant amount of orders are placed, resulting in a strong area of support or resistance. These levels are often identified by a cluster of candles with small ranges, indicating a lack of price movement as the market consolidates around the level. When price eventually breaks out of this consolidation, it can lead to a strong and sustained move in the direction of the breakout.

On the other hand, a breaker block is a price level where a trend line or a support/resistance level has been broken. This can occur after a period of consolidation around the level, as described with an order block, or after a more gradual trend line break.

When price breaks through this level, it can signal a reversal of the prior trend, or a continuation in the direction of the breakout, depending on the context.