Betrayal in the Crypto Realm: Standing with Ben Armstrong

Ben Armstrong
Ben Armstrong

Hello everyone, Coins Chick here. I’m taking a more serious tone today due to a recent event that’s left me quite taken aback. The news has it that Ben Armstrong, the face behind Bitboy Crypto, has been removed from his own venture. It’s shocking to think that he was ousted from his own brand, a brand he built from scratch, by the very team he trusted and brought on board.

There are two narratives circulating:

  1. They spread false information about him, tarnishing his reputation to justify their actions.
  2. They exposed his personal challenges to the public while simultaneously taking over his brand.

Regardless of which version is true, the situation is deeply unsettling. While I’ve always had respect for the team at Bitboy Crypto, this incident is disheartening. Ben named a couple of individuals responsible, but it’s unclear where the rest of the team stands. The core issue isn’t about the veracity of the claims but the betrayal by those who owe their success to Ben.

If the allegations about Ben’s “substance abuse” are true, the ethical response would be to support him, not backstab him and seize his life’s work. It’s hard to see this as anything but opportunistic.

However, knowing Ben, he’s not one to back down easily. He’s resilient and has a history of overcoming challenges. The community’s response has been overwhelmingly in support of Ben. From what I observed, the majority want him back and are not interested in a Bitboy Crypto without him.

On a more personal note, Ben, if this reaches you, I want to share a deeply personal experience. I’ve grappled with episodes of depression and faced daunting health challenges in the past year. During a particularly low phase, your acknowledgment on your show was a beacon of hope for me. Your multiple shoutouts not only made me feel seen but also rekindled my passion for writing crypto. It might have been just another day for you, but for me, it was a pivotal moment that pulled me back from the brink. It reinforced my belief that if someone as influential as you in the crypto world recognizes my contributions, I must be on the right path. I’ve attached the video for reference. Please know that wherever your journey leads you next, I, along with countless others, will be right there cheering you on.