Is Bitboy good for Crypto???

Hello my loves! If you came here expecting some juicy gossip about Ben, then you’re barking up the wrong tree. Sure I’d get many more clicks if I bashed him, but that’s not really my style! My purpose here is to spread good vibes and tell it like it is. And you know what? BitBoy Crypto is actually doing wonders for the crypto world, whether you like it or not!

Our Bitboy Crypto Experience: When people first dip their toes into the exciting world of crypto, they’re likely to head to YouTube for guidance. And who’s the first face they’ll encounter? Ben Armstrong, aka BitBoy, the funny, charming, and relatable guy who can teach you about crypto while keeping you entertained.

Ben’s genius lies in his ability to model his show after popular sports programs, making newcomers feel right at home. And let’s face it, he’s nailed the formula for keeping the predominantly male crypto audience engaged!

Now, let’s talk about Ben’s crew: TJ, his partner and resident crypto genius, has a wealth of knowledge that would give anyone a run for their money. He may not crave the limelight, but he’s the perfect balance to Ben’s larger-than-life personality.

Deezy, our beloved fill-in host, could’ve easily had a career in stand-up comedy. He’s got the wit and charm to keep us entertained while Ben’s away, and he truly shines as the host of “Around the Blockchain.”

Frankie Candles, our go-to for technical analysis, keeps things light and engaging. Sure, TA can sometimes be a snooze-fest, but Frankie’s got the humor, looks, and skills to keep us from getting bored. I mean, he’s no Tom Crown (Hi Boss), but he’s a great runner up!

Connecting the Crypto Community: Ben’s influence extends beyond his channel and team; he helps boost exposure for smaller crypto influencers, giving them a platform to grow their audience. He’s like the layer one of crypto influencers!

Legendary Rants: When Ben goes on a rant, it’s not just for entertainment. There’s genuine passion behind his words, and you can tell he’s speaking from the heart. He fearlessly takes on lawyers, billionaires, and powerful politicians, and sometimes even gives other influential figures a run for their money (sorry, Pomp).

Controversy: Sure, Ben’s had his share of controversy โ€“ who hasn’t? But he’s also been upfront about past mistakes and shown growth, which is a sign of true character. It’s impossible to please everyone, and haters gonna hate โ€“ but that’s just part of the game when you’re on top.

Final Thoughts: Is Ben Armstrong good for crypto? You bet he is! In the wise words of Jordan Peterson, “He’s not only good, he’s necessary.” So, keep doing your thing, Ben โ€“ the crypto world needs you, and we’re here for it!

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